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Get more information on how PlanSwift® can simplify the construction estimating process.

With a single click get precise, accurate estimates

Quickly calculates job costs from digital plans, saving you valuable time and effort.



Generates estimates in a fraction of the time of conventional methods

Easy To Use

Easy to use

Simply highlight an area in a CAD document and the software calculates costs for you



Eliminates manual calculation mistakes  



If material or labor costs change, just update the data and run a new calculation

Put away your rulers and markers

Just upload a plan document, highlight the project area and automatically generate flawless construction takeoffs and estimates. PlanSwift estimating software is the fast and easy way to make sure you’ve accounted for all material, labor and equipment needed.


Single click

Quickly calculate square footage, linear footage, item counts and more


File types

Works with all major CAD and image file types, and integrates with Excel® spreadsheets



Effortlessly print or send electronic estimates



Easily modify the software to suit your exact needs


Audit trail

Automatically create an audit trail for later reference if needed

Record Changes

Record changes

Compare and track changes with plan overlays



Easy navigation

Find what you need in plans with accessible overview windows


Dedicated support

Backed by a top-rated customer support team

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PlanSwift client success stories

“The program is very intuitive, simple to use, powerful and has dead-on accuracy.”

Universal Forest Products

Bob C.

“PlanSwift has saved me time and energy … about 1/10 of the time.”

R&R Acquisitions

Cam Mead

Want more information about how PlanSwift® can simplify your estimating process?

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